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Services and Prices.

Below is a list of services provided by our company. If all of a sudden in the above list you will not find a need in your opinion activities associated with the laying of floor coverings — you can contact our specialist using the service on the website, or call one of the phone numbers provided in the «Feedback».


Also suggest that you use the handy calculator to estimate the required labor.



1. dismantling of the old surface 1 from 50 rub/m2
2. leveling self-leveling mixture (bulk floor) 180 rub/m2
3. laying plywood 160 rub/m2
4. sanding plywood 100 rub/m2
Laying linoleum and carpeting 130 rub/m2
Laying linoleum tiles 150 rub/m2
Laying tiles kovrolinovoy 150 rub/m2
Commercial laying linoleum and carpeting
170 rub/m2
Laying parquet 500 rub/m2
Laying wood flooring:  
1. the substrate perpendicular to the wall 200 rub/m2
2. the substrate on the diagonal 300 rub/m2
3. the glue and nails perpendicular to the wall 280 rub/m2
4. the glue and nails diagonally 370 rub/m2
Laying laminate:  
1. perpendicular to the wall 150 rub/m2
2. diagonally 240 rub/m2
Laying lacquered solid wood:  
1. perpendicular to the wall
600 rub/m2
2. diagonally 700 rub/m2
Laying cork on glue 350 rub/m2
Laying castle cork 180 rub/m2
Installing baseboard:  
1. plastic 80 rub/m
2. tree 100 rub/m
Laying art parquet from 800 rub/m2
Laying of natural linoleum and antistatic 200 rub/m2
sanding the parquet 200 rub/m2
Sanding the parquet «Trio» 350 rub/m2
Three-layer varnish (base) 100 rub/m2
Additional varnish (1 layer) 100 rub/m2
Plywood on joists 300 rub/m2
Installation of interior thresholds 150 руб/мп



1The minimum cost of removing the old flooring surface is 50 rubles per square meter. Price may vary depending on the type of the previous application. More precisely, you will be able to answer our technical specialist by phone or e-mail.

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