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Parquet laying and laminate flooring.

One of the main activities of the company are ParketStep flooring: laminate flooring, solid wood, cork, commercial linoleum. Laying linoleum or commercial carpet, wood flooring, solid flooring board completely transform the interior of your home or office. Second, all of these materials have good thermal insulation, and many of them are made from natural materials. Make the interior of your home or office more elegant and modern, with wood flooring or laminate.

Our company has been laying almost all types of flooring from 2000, which gives us confidently say, «Oh, we know all the floors!» So, if you contact us, be sure that you will have a beautiful, high quality floor laid! We guarantee the best value for money.
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Laminate — this is probably the youngest floor covering, which is now more than 35% of the world market of all floor coverings. Laminate flooring is an imitation and, in contrast to the natural materials, made not of wood. It is a decorative layer of polymer-based film coated with wear. Laminate flooring was invented in the mid-80's of the last century in the Swedish company Perstorp Flooring, from which soon spread to Germany, then to the rest of Europe, and then appeared in North America. The term «laminate» is very familiar to the ear, but it is not quite accurate. Lamination, that is deposited on the surface of a plastic film can be a variety of materials, from paper and cardboard to steel sheets. «Laminate flooring» — is not a perfect definition, as the laminate — is not parquet and laminated parquet does not real, just varnish. The most appropriate recognized name «laminate floor.» Laminate is unpretentious, resistant to high loads and has a long service life.

Externally modern laminates are not inferior to natural wood floor. At first glance, they are almost impossible to distinguish one from the other. The advantages of this coating are indisputable: it is about 2 times cheaper than natural flooring, and most importantly — easy to care for him.

General rules of laminate flooring:

  • With daily cleaning or vacuuming the floor is cleaned with a well wrung cloth.
  • To remove stubborn dirt, use a special long-standing tool for cleaning laminate.
  • Under furniture legs, rollers necessarily put drying plastic mats, and the usual legs, attach the felt pads to protect the floor from scratches. When moving heavy furniture it needs to be raised, and not drag on the floor.

Laying laminate in our time — the best flooring in homes, offices, and apartments. You will forget about squeaks floor at night. New floor will change the interior of your room. Almost immediately you will feel the difference between the floor, which was, and laminate. It is a durable and aesthetic flooring, allowing to realize your individual design of the apartment. Laying laminate best left to professionals who know the technology installation in full, since there are many nuances that affect the durability of the floor. You can try to do it yourself, but you need to know how your floor is ready for laying laminate flooring. The floor must be dry, smooth and clean, with a difference of not more than 3.2 mm per square meter of floor surface. After purchasing the laminate need to bring it into the room where it will be folded and laying horizontally sealed packets for at least a day. Laminate does not fit in wet areas, toilets and bathrooms. Also the most popular error — first install the door, and then plank laminate floor. Correct to first lay a laminate floor, then install the door. Because costs you almost miss the height of installation box and the leaf will not enter the doorway at the canopy, or the bottom of a gap of a few centimeters, which does not serve as a decoration, under which will blow and the light will also penetrate into both sides of the door. It looks very ugly and unprofessional.

For laying laminate flooring you need: a substrate for laminate saw (or jigsaw, which is more convenient), wedges (placed against the wall to provide clearance between the wall and laminate), a hammer, bar, lounge, roulette, mounting bracket, pencil, hammer, screwdriver, miter box with a saw (but easier elektrotortsovka). Still, do not forget that it is necessary to install interior sills. Without them, of course, the floor has a single blade, and many more like it. But to the floor last you as long as possible and please you better do it, or the floor may swell and you have to buy new material and re-lay it, which consequently will result in great expense.

Wooden boards.

Hardwood Flooring, inexpensive and high-quality material, installation does not take much time. This is a convenient and beautiful flooring. Different from the three-layer laminate of natural wood. The top layer is made of wood, precious, of a thickness of 4-8 mm, and the second is made of ordinary wood, mostly conifers, laid perpendicular to the upper and the lower-layer plywood. Wooden boards superior in quality even the most expensive laminate, since imitation is not hand over the uniqueness and warmth of natural wood. Factory varnish can mount the floorboard in the final stages of repair, what distinguishes this material from the parquet. There is a possibility of restoration, and most importantly, wooden board designed as a cheaper alternative to block parquet, to some extent, the way it is.

Care floorboard.

  • To remove debris and dirt is enough to wipe or vacuum the bottom wrung cloth.
  • The furniture with legs, attach the felt lining, and under furniture legs, rollers better put special mats to the floor is not scratched and remained in excellent form.
  • When moving furniture, do not drag it, and carefully rearrange to avoid scratches.

Laying floorboards.

Installing floorboards are best left to the professionals, who know all the details of installation, which determines the durability of your floor.

But if you decide to put the floorboard yourself, then you should read some tips on packing. For stacking you need a good sharpened saw, small wedges, wooden wedge about 30 cm long, carpenter square, knife, mounting pad, tape measure, hammer, hand drill, pencil. Can serve as a basis for a concrete base, tiled floor, old wooden floor coverings of linoleum and cork. It must be perfectly flat (deviation less than 3 mm / m 2 if necessary subbase leveled screed. Before installing parquet soak a few days in the horizontal space, which will travel along the floor. Packages open as we move assembly.

For insulation and smooth small irregularities and eliminate the noise, use an insulating pad. There are two ways of installing floorboards, floating and glue.

On glue: soil and glue for laying, one that encourages producers. Apply glue comb. Adhesive must provide sizing panels throughout the area, there should be no voids. To improve the quality of sizing, each panel is fixed with nails or screws. Nails (screws) hammered over the ridge, at an angle of 40-60 degrees. Otherwise styling similar floating installation method.

Floating method: the surface must also be smooth. Spread the substrate. Begin laying the first row of the inner groove toward the wall. The next series begins with a piece of wood flooring that has remained from the previous row. Desynchronization between the transverse joints of boards in adjacent rows at least 50 cm This distance must be observed across the surface installation. Thus, the density reached the end connection. Last board mounting place exactly on the line on the second board.

Correct to first install the door, and then lay the board, because when the leaf canopy can not enter the doorway.

Still, do not forget that it is necessary to install interior sills. Without them, of course, the floor has a single blade, and many more like it. But to the floor last you as long as possible and please you better do it, or the floor may swell and you have to buy new material and re-lay it, which consequently will result in great expense.


If you would like you to have a warm floor, it can be heated floors, but the alternative to this method is expensive carpet. Structure of modern coatings: pile lining primary (base) and the secondary lining, consisting of an anchor layer and the actual lining, usually made of latex. Modern carpeting is made from natural and synthetic fibers. There are 3 types of carpet on method of production: woven, tufted, needle punched.

  • Tissue — the most durable and expensive, because it is made as usual carpets.
  • Tufted.
    a). Loop — a rigid base for cabinets and offices;
    b). Pile — pile lengths for rooms, bedrooms and nurseries.
  • Needle — high wear resistance, a carpet is used in extremely high traffic.

Laying carpet.

There are three methods of carpet flooring: not sticking to the floor, with no connection and bonding with one connection.

Without sticking to the floor: this method is used in small spaces using a single sheet covering. Expand coverage so that it protrudes above the plinth of 5-10 cm and roll with clips from the middle in all directions (to the walls). Cut with a knife cover corners in the shape of v, and then cut along the baseboards. In the aisle reinforce the coating metal lath.

Bonding without connections: Expand and crop cover, as in the previous case. Bend in the middle and with a spatula, apply glue to the open part of the floor. After a few minutes to release the folded portion floor covering. Smooth out the roller in the direction of the middle of the side walls. And also make the other half of the sheet. Simultaneous connection: Spread and slice coverage as in previous cases, but the sheets lay lapped by 3-5 cm Expand the first sheet to the 2/3 of width and apply the adhesive to the public portion. Release the cover and stick, as in previous cases. The same goes with the second sheet. Lift the edges and apply glue to the floor. Using a ruler, cut at the same time both the edge. Dip both sides and smooth both sides.

There is another method of laying carpet — stretching, but it can be done only by professionals.

Care carpet.

For cleaning, you can vacuum the carpet, but if contamination is very strong, you should use the facilities for cleaning carpets.


This is the most common and inexpensive material to date. It's easy to care for. Depending on the type of raw materials, linoleum is PVC, rubber and alkyd. By design, they are divided on wireless, and on the underlying cause of tissue for heat insulating. Modern linoleum different aesthetic views, good wear resistance, allowing it to lay in the same room.

Care for linoleum.

Care for this type of flooring does not require any difficulty. It can be washed, vacuumed, and use special detergents.

Laying linoleum.

Laying linoleum is quite simple, but it is better to entrust it to professionals. If you do decide to lay linoleum, then have a look at some tips.

Before him lay linoleum stand for 48 hours at a temperature of not lower than 15 degrees. Roll them a day before the flooring. The floor surface should be as level as possible. If you want to align, then it is better to do or plasters, or to make the strap.

Linoleum glued on the cold asphalt mastic and applied them to the substrate with a notched trowel even layer thickness of 0.2-0.3 mm. When the sticker on mastic adhesive area to be conditioned for 30-40 minutes depending on the ambient temperature. Carefully press down the canvas glued to the base until all air from under him. 72 hours after the label web in both places at once slaughtered puffing on a ruler, a sharpened cutter to loan a strip joint pre enclose plywood. Later prirezki fringe glued to the bottom of the same cement. Clearances Intermedia wall and the edge of the cloth does not exceed 10 mm. After linoleum stickers attached plinth.

Linoleum can be installed as non-adhesive method.

Massive board.

Solid wood flooring made of wood has been used for hundreds of years. This is one of the oldest surfaces. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer are choosing this type of flooring. The main factor is the rise in price of wood as well as the emergence of new alternative materials. But in some cases, solid wood is the perfect material. Board used for laying floors, cottages, lodges, baths, saunas. In residential repairs use solid wood would be justified if the correct significant irregularities of the floor, without overloading the device design screeds. Flooring lacquered superior laminate, and is not inferior to the parquet. First of all — it's warm and natural beauty of the wood. Simple, cost-effective, quick to install. Saving time and money is achieved by minimizing the preparatory work. Normally floorboards can last several decades. The possibility of multiple restoration. Simplicity and rigor of care.

Caring for floor boards.

Care is simple. Enough to wipe the floor with a cloth wrung out well, you can vacuum. In order to avoid scratches on the furniture legs felt better stick pads. As wear ottsiklevat required, and then lacquered and your floor will acquire its former beauty.

Laying solid floor board.

To lay the board is better to use the services of professionals, but you can try to do it themselves. Lay floorboards in two ways. The first is the classic version, laying on wooden joists. Second, laying «parquet» manner, ie, directly on the prepared surface with the adhesive mount and screws. Boards and logs are imported to the object at least one week before the start of work, the time necessary for establishment of materials. Normal conditions for laying are 17-25C. Laying on consideration of technological seam joints between boards to the walls of 10-15 mm. When laying the boards on the joists board must be at least 30 mm. Laying should not produce a low ceiling, because the thickness of the coating with the lag can vary from 80 to 150 mm. On the first floor is better to make waterproofing. For this purpose, roofing felt with mandatory solder joints and overlapping on the wall. Stack board should comb forward slot to itself. The first plank is fastened with screws, so that the first row of screws overlap plinth next screwed a hidden way (at an angle). If the long boards on all the room is not enough, you need to have on a joint lag. Boards should be tight fitting enough to squeeze laid earlier. Followed by sanding and varnishing board.

Flooring planks on the glue is not much different from the parquet, with the difference that the board additionally fixed with screws holes followed by incorporation of special plugs. Surface must be perfectly flat, just like the board. Mandatory laying plywood and waterproofing. Option unreasonably expensive. It makes sense to use when low ceilings do not allow stacking on the joists and floor boards you'd like.

Cork flooring.

Cork — it is a new material on the market. But has already established itself as a convenient and aesthetic flooring. This material appeared in our market 3-4 years ago. Made from the bark of cork cork oak. In its structure, cork like a honeycomb. Each cell has a minimal amount of solid material and connecting the maximum amount of air. Cork is a waterproof cell capsules filled with air. This is an environmentally friendly material, good resistance to mechanical damage. The presence of the compounds in the bark of fatty acids and organic alcohol makes cork waterproof. It is good for the fact that perfectly absorbs sound and has low heat conductivity. Installation of cork does not differ from the installation of wood flooring or laminate flooring and is not particularly complex.

Care of a cork.

In the care of cork unpretentious, no special skills are required. Wipe with a cloth wrung, Vacuum.

Laying cork.

Laying cork flooring floating or in the lock, not much different from laying laminate. First you need to prepare the surface. The base should be flat. Tolerances shall not exceed 2 mm to 1 m running. Framework should be tight, with no express cracks and voids. Before laying the cork should stand in the room where it will be mounting, with one to two days. Remove the protective film should be directly before installation.

Before the cap must lie insulating substrate. This is necessary to smooth the small irregularities and eliminate the impact of noise, the joint glued shut. Begin laying at the right corner of the room, to the crest of the wall and fix the wedges do not forget about the expansion gap. The second row is placed from the panel, the remainder of the last panel prirezki first row. This reduces the amount of material. Next, the same way. To provide a gap of, in doorways apply special transition profile. Profile (nut) can not be secured tightly, the cork should have free play within it. At the junction to the door frame, racks should be cut through the thickness of the panels. Next, mount the plinth.

Laying cork flooring to glue different from laying a floating manner so that the panels can be installed as an offset with respect to each other, and one on another. Start at the middle of the room. The adhesive must be applied not only on the floor, but on the lower plane of the panel, it's best to do it with a notched trowel. For the best sizing panel edges is rattling rubber mallet. To plug a special glue, so please read carefully and get what is recommended by the manufacturer.


Flooring has a high level of durability. It is used in the public areas with heavy loads on the floor restaurants, shopping and business centers. Characterized by high strength, such as tile. High wear resistance combined with ease of installation. It does not require special care, which is important in a high permeability. Flooring has another advantage: it can be applied to a logo or any image on request. Linoleum can buy ready-printed or ordered from his sketches. This type of linoleum is made from PVC material.

Commercial laying linoleum.

This type of linoleum is best not to try to put yourself. Since the quality of commercial linoleum installation requires specialized knowledge and experience, and professional instruments. Professional installation is impossible without special tools and equipment: grinding machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, strayperov (machines for removing the old flooring), special knives, scriber, equipment for welding, etc. To linoleum match the characteristics and service life must be carefully prepared the subfloor.

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